Rules & Guidelines

The terms written in this thread applies automatically to all users upon the creation of any accounts associated with Lodelight, and you will verify agreement to all the terms of the creation of an account. We reserve the right to block you from any and all services for any reason, including, but not limited to, breach of any term written. These terms are not a form of user oppression, but a standard to create a fun, friendly, and fair environment to all users of any or all of our services.

Changes to this Agreement
We reserve the right to update or change any of the rules written, with reasonable notice via an announcement on the forums or social network, but it will be YOUR responsibility to read the changes in the rules, and you are automatically subject to any changes within. Ignorance of any rule is not an excuse.

General Rules
These rules apply to all of our services, including the forums, chat, and the game server.

1. Respect
Do not discriminate against any other members based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or age. Respect is a large topic and is handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of our Staff. If you are unsure if what you are doing or saying is breaking this rule, it is suggested that you do not go through the action. While we exercise that all users should have freedom of speech, excessive use of profanity is still liable to punishment, again, at the discretion of our Staff. Punishments range from jailing to a ban of 1 to 3 days, with repeated offenses resulting in more serious action taken, including a permanent ban from all services. Warnings will not be issued if the case involves serious matters such as discriminating, racial slurs and or deem fit by the staff that is handling the case.

2. Harassment
We want to make it clear that Harassment of any form whether it is directly or indirectly not tolerated. This includes the use of racial or homophobic slurs, slander or libel against other users, repetitive name-calling, and deliberate hostility towards other users. Harassment is handled on a case-by-case basis by our Staff. If you attempt to ruin the experience of other users on any of our services, you should be prepared to face the consequences of your actions, ranging from 1 to 3-day bans, to a permanent block from all services. Trolling or flaming is also known as a form of harassment.

3. Rules on Trolling/Flaming
Trolling/Flaming are considered the same as harassment. Therefore, intentionally insulting/attacking other users or provoking negative reactions from other members is not allowed. "Baiting" is considered trolling. Another form of trolling is if you say the server is up in chat when in fact, it is still down. The staff reserves the right to mute, ban, or kick you.

4. Advertising
Advertising another network, server, and hacking or scamming websites, is strictly forbidden. Any attempts at doing so will result in an immediate and permanent ban from all of our services. Advertising any form of website is also not permitted. The only advertisement that is allowed, is your own Twitch channel (Only if you are streaming Lodelight).

5. Authority fraud (Staff Impersonation)
Staff impersonation is strictly forbidden. Regardless of which service, you are on, any attempt at impersonation will result in the user being severely dealt with. To be clear; informing players of a rule and/or helping others is allowed, but lying about you being a staff is not. Claiming you can punish another user on any service falls under this. Please use the relevant report functions if you see someone breaking the rules.

6. Profiting
You may not profit from our services in any way. All trades of items or services must involve only items or services within Lodelight. This includes possessions on another server, service, or platform. Meaning you may not sell an official server's accounts for any accounts associated with Lodelight, or vice versa. Signature and avatar shops are okay, but straight pictures are not. You may not use copyrighted materials on any of our services. You are not allowed to have transactions of any sort for the following: FM spots, maps, forum names, forum points, spots in chat. Requesting people to subscribe to your accounts that you stand to profit from on other websites or advertising referral links to other sites that you can profit from is also prohibited.

7. Donation
Donations to the Network and the servers under it are and should be done willingly with your own account. After you have donated, you have no right or whatsoever to refund/chargeback the donation for any reason (If there are cases which you do not receive your Donation Points, do approach the staff and we will assist you). All items which can be bought from the Donor NPC are as a form of "Thank You" to the Donors in helping us out. We also receive the rights to deny any Donations for any reasons.

8. Vote Abuse
Each PERSON may receive 200 Vote Points every 12 hours. Every vote is recorded by your IP address. If you are sharing the internet with other users of Lodelight, we apologize, but due to this restriction, you must share the votes. If ANY person gains more than 200 Vote Points per 12 hours, aside from paying another user for their Vote Points, they are vote abusing and we WILL catch you and permanently ban you from our services.

9. Ban Evasion
Ban evading is not allowed. If you have been banned, either temporarily or permanently, you are expected to abide by that and not access, or attempt to access, those services from which you are banned from. Any player caught attempting to get around their ban from any of our services, whether it be chat, forums, in-game, or a combination of all of the above, will be banned from all services for 30 days with that account being permanently banned. This includes altering your IP and creating new accounts, having a friend logging in in your account for you, or using a different computer to access the service.

Server Rules
The terms written in this section are automatically applied to all users upon creation of your Maple game account. These rules do NOT apply outside of the in-game service.

1. Report Rule-Breakers
As a players of the server, you should take pride in your server. If you come across anyone breaking the following rules, we expect that you report them via the report function, not with Megaphones. The report features Game Masters who are online of the situation. However, please do not submit false reports. We understand that mistakes do happen, but you are expected to ensure a user is breaking a rule before reporting them. You are also advised to take screenshots and/or record in-game to help the Staff resolve the issue. Obvious false reports will result in punishments, and repeated offenses will increase the severity of the punishment.

2. Hacking
The use of hacking tools or third party software/hardware/object ware to automate certain functions of the game is not allowed. This is always met with a permanent ban from our services entirely. Being in a party with a hacker is also considered hacking. It is considered botting if you continue to play and do not pay attention to the game; for example, holding down your attack key while facing away from your game screen. Usage of auto typer, using a skill and afk-ing in a group of mobs are also considered bottting. Moving once every so often does not equal "actively playing". If you are caught botting three times, you will be given a permanent ban.

3. Glitch Abuse/Duplicated Items
Glitch abuse is the same as hacking, and will be handled on a case-by-case basis, which can range from a 7-day ban to a permanent block from our services based on the severity of the glitch. If you happen to discover a glitch, report it to a Staff member immediately. There is no reason for you to “try it out” if caught doing so, the staff reserves the right to ban you. Duplicated items happen when something goes wrong with the server. We expect you to sell the duplicated item to an NPC, or tell a Game Master about it. If you are caught selling duplicated items to other players, you will be awarded with a ban ranging from 7 days to permanent ban.

4. Scamming
Please do not scam. We wish for the game environment to be a pleasant place for all users. Please ensure that all trades of large value are recorded on video. Without such proof, we cannot take appropriate action. With video evidence of the entire trade, we will be able to ban the scammers. However, please take note that we do not refund any items lost, so be careful.

Fake Bidding is the process of the SELLER attempting to raise his or her bid by making up a bid by a random user, a friend, or an imaginary user. This will be classified under scamming. If caught, bans range will vary depending on how high the fake bid was.

The above mentioned also applies to buyers, where players who place false bids will be dealt with and bans may vary depending on how high the bid was.

5. Lost/Wrong Purchase Of Items
Items lost during a trade due to a full inventory or trying to hold two (2) one-of-a-kind items will not be refunded. This also applies to the rare events of rollbacks as well as purchasing wrong items from any shops within the server. We will not give compensations, do not ask for it.

6. Account Sharing
Account sharing is NOT forbidden. It is your account, making you responsible for any and all actions were done. If the person you share with gets your account banned from our services, we will NOT reverse it. If you share your account and items are taken by the other person who shares with you, you will not get those items back.

7. Multiple Accounts.
While having multiple accounts in individual game servers is not prohibited, we would suggest players to stick to a maximum of 3 accounts. Do note that creating a new account in an attempt to bypass a ban if not allowed and it will be classified under the section

8. Spamming
Spamming is the act of flooding a map with the same remarks, followed with other characters so that the flood protection of Maple Story does not stop you. There is no reason to spam what you are trying to say, here and there is fine, but the entire Maple Story world is not a free market. The staff reserves the rights to mute you or ban you for spamming.

Forum Rules
The terms written in this section are automatically applied to all users upon creation of your Lodelight Forum account. These rules do NOT apply outside of the forum service.

1. Bumping/Necroposting
We do not like necroposting. Please do not post in a thread where the last post is over 14 days old. This rule also involves +1 posting in suggestions. If you have nothing further to add to a suggestion other than agreeing, do not post. If you agree with someone, use the thanks button. You may bump in the following sections: Free Market, Off-topic, and their child forums

2. Custom Usertitles
Please do not attempt to impersonate authority by using a user title that suggests being a staff member or anyone of authority. Examples are, but not limited to: 'Administrator', 'GameMaster', 'Moderator', 'Manager', etc.

3. Signature and Avatars
Staff members may edit your signature, and infract you if deemed unacceptable. Nude or sexually suggestive images are obviously not allowed, drawn or otherwise.

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